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Pre Bonded Hair Extensions


What are pre bond hair extensions?

Pre bond hair extensions are extensions that have been pre tipped with keratin resin, so they are easier to remove without causing damage, heated up to only 200 degrees witch is less then there older version that was silicone that needed to be melted at 250 causing damage to the hair under the bond.

Are the bonds big?

No the bonds are still one of the smelliest on the market due to how pliable they are, for this reason they are always recommended for clients with fine hair.

Will they damage my hair?

Pre bonded keratin tip bonds have been designed to not cause the clients hair any damage, what will cause damage is clients not looking after the hair properly, or having hair extensions when you have been advised not to.

What is a strength test?

A strength test is where we will take a section of your hair and stretch it (elasticity test) then we will look at the cuticles on the hair to make sure they are closed. If the stylist is still unsure we told take a small razor section of the client’s hair and submerge this in water. If the test comes bake ok then the stylist will till you that there is no problems, if not they will advise you on how to build the strength up within your hair, however until the hair is stronger you would be advised against having hair extensions.

If I colour the hair extensions what will happen?

As we will only use premium quality hair extensions, we do know that they can be coloured, how ever as with all colours we can not guarantee that the colour will take first time on the extensions or that the shade can be slightly different, resulting in a two tone effect, this will not always happen we have many clients that have coloured the extensions with no problems. Mostly seems to happen with low pigmented colours like blues and pinks and coppers as they have a tendency to fade very quickly.

We do advise not to bleach hair extensions as the bonds will soften and split.

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